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H 376 Giancarlo Vegn...

H 376 Giancarlo Vegni

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Material: Brass

H 376 Giancarlo Vegni was conceived as a play of moving parts. The linear design is interrupted halfway along by a depression in the metal body that completely alters the visual and tactile perception of the shape, leaving the idea of solidity intact but adding dynamism.

The H 376 Giancarlo Vegni series is made from brass, available in Polished chrome, Satin chrome and Polished chrome/Satin chrome finishes, and includes door and window handles and knobs.

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  • Description
  • Description
    FINISHES Valli

    Polished chrome, Satin chrome, Polished chrome/Satin chrome

    SKU Val13
    H 376 Giancarlo Vegni

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